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This is a lit exam for lit

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Lit terms
  1. simile
    1. two words being compared w "like" or "as"
    2. Metaphor
      1. 2 words being compared w/o "like" or "as"
      2. onomatopoeia
        1. suggest meanings of words. "Jingle", "boom"
        2. alliteration
          1. Sally sells seashells at the seashore
          2. assonance
            1. similarity in sounds. "deep" and "feet"
            2. Irony
              1. something surprising that someone would normally expect from the reality(stituation)
              2. Soliloquy
                1. talking on stage, considered to be alone
                2. aside
                  1. a comment made to be heard by audience but not other characters
                  2. protagonist
                    1. main character
                      1. antagonist
                        1. enemy/competitor
                      2. conflict
                        1. to disagree strongly
                        2. personifacation
                          1. person considered as perfect example of an abstract/ non-living item
                          2. hyperbole
                            1. over exaggeration
                            2. Litotes
                              1. you won't be sorry=you'll be glad
                              2. Ethos
                                1. rules of society
                                  1. Logos
                                    1. facts, statistics
                                    2. Pathos
                                      1. Passion, emotions
                                    3. pun
                                      1. 2 words close in sounds but wit different meanings(mushroom got invited to party cuz he was a fungi)
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