S1W: English Analysis Questions

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S1W: English Analysis Questions
  1. 15 minutes highlight and identifying time
    1. Identify ANY points in both the leaflet and review which could be useful.
    2. Finding the answers in the text. Time: 5 min's
      1. Make sure you are looking at the right material. Eg: The leaflet/review
      2. Analysing what the writer thought of the place. Time: 15 min's
        1. This might be different things like: his/her original reaction and then comparing it to what they thought afterwards.
        2. How the leaflet persuades the reader
          1. Make sure you are doing it for the right person. Eg: If it asks for how it persuades the Parent
            1. 2 Grammatical tecniques
              1. Minor sentences
                1. Imperatives
                  1. Parenthasis
                    1. Rhetorical questions
                    2. 2 Presentational Tecniques
                      1. Happy Children
                        1. How it's laid out
                        2. 6 Language Tecniques
                          1. Intresting verbs
                            1. Positive adjectives
                              1. Superlatives
                                1. Emotive Language
                                  1. Tripling
                                    1. Detailed noun phrases
                                      1. Hyperboles
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