Reactions of metals and metal compound

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Reactions of metals and metal compund

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Reactions of metals and metal compound
  1. Spot the difference
    1. Metals
      1. Elements that are shiny, conduct heat and electricity well and often have high melting and boiling points
      2. Non-Metals
        1. Elements that are not shiny, and do not conduct heat and electricity well. They often have low melting and boiling points. The solid ones are brittle.
        2. Property
          1. Something that is used to describe how a material behaves and what it is like Hardness is a property of some solids
        3. Salts
          1. Compounds made in some reactions involving acids. They have a metal part and a non-metal part. The non-metal part is usually chloride, sulphate or nitrte
          2. More bubbles
            1. Chemical with physical changes
            2. Metal oxides and acids
              1. Base
              2. metals
                1. non-metals
                  1. salts
                    1. property
                      1. weathered
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