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All the science you need for CE!

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1 Physics
1.1 Energy
1.1.1 Chemical
1.1.2 Electrical
1.1.3 Internal/Thermal
1.1.4 Kinetic
1.2 Magnetism
1.3 Sound
1.4 Light
1.5 Forces and motion
1.5.1 Friction
1.5.2 Upthrust
2 Chemistry
3 Biology
3.1 The Study of Life
3.1.1 MRS NERG


  • All living organisms carry out these seven life processes: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction, and Growth.
3.1.2 Animal and Plant cells


  • Animal and plant cells share: A cell surface membrane, cytoplasm, and a nucleus.
  • Plant cells don't share these with animal cells: A cellulose cell wall, a large vacuole, chloroplasts, and the starch storage granules.
  • Animal cells don't have anything that they share with plant cells
3.1.3 Specialised cells


  • CILIATED EPITHELIAL CELLS can trap dust and microbes and move them out of the breathing system.
  • MUSCLE CELLS can use energy to get shorter - when they do this they can move bones.
  • SPERM CELLS  can swim to an EGG CELL so that fertilisation can take place.
  • NERVE CELLS are long and thin. They carry messages from one part of the brain to another. This helps to co-ordinate all the different activities around the body.
  • PALISADE CELLS in the leaf contain many chloroplasts and can carry out photosynthesis very efficiently.
  • ROOT HAIR CELLS can absorb water and minerals from the soil.
3.2 Skeleton/Organs
3.3 Reproduction
3.4 Microbes
3.5 Respiration and Photosynthesis
3.6 Variation and Classification
3.7 Nutrition
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