Water Filter

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Water Filter Design Brief

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Water Filter
1 Gather materials
1.1 Marbles
1.1.1 Fabric Screen Aquarium Rocks Sponge Sand Fabric Screen Will prevent the sand particles from escaping into the water Will filter the tiniest particles Will act as a clarifying agent Will filter the water for smaller particles Will prevent the big waste particles from mixing with the rest of the filtration materials
1.1.2 Will filter out large particles
2 The only source of water is contaminated so we need to build a water filter
2.1 Make sure that materials are easily accesible
2.1.1 Gather materials Build filter Test filter Succeeded in choosing easily accesible materials, but the filtered water wasn't clean The water wasn't clear, colourless, or ordourless Add cotton balls and take out the marbles next time The cotton balls will soak up dyes in the water and the marbles weren't necessary
2.1.2 Try to choose materials that last a long time
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