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  1. What is recruitment?
    1. The process of creating a pool of potential candidates from which a selection process can refine the pool to the right talent to fill vacant positions.
    2. Why is it important?
      1. The Human Resource Department scouts talent and matches the right people to the right jobs at the right time. The effectiveness of the organization depends on the employees in the organization
      2. Methods of recruitment: the way that an organisation recruits its manpower
        1. Internal Recruitment: looking to fill a job opening with an employee already in the organization
          1. Traditional Methods of Internal Recruitment
            1. Job Posting
              1. Job Bidding
                1. Promotions & Transfer
                2. Non-Traditional Methods of Internal Recruitment
                  1. Job Redesign – Job Enrichment, Job Enlargement and Job Rotation
                    1. Secondments
                  2. External Recruitment: process of searching outside of the current employee pool to fill open positions in an organization.
                    1. Traditional Methods of External Recruitment
                      1. Job Agencies
                        1. Advertisements
                          1. Current Employee Referrals/Employee Referral Scheme
                          2. Non-Traditional Methods of External Recruitment
                            1. Movies
                              1. Featurettes
                              2. Reasons for adopting this?
                                1. Filling of entry-level jobs
                                  1. Acquiring skills not possessed by current employees; and
                                    1. Getting employees with different backgrounds to provide new ideas.
                                2. Sources of recruitment: the pool from which these manpower are taken from
                                  1. Traditional sources
                                    1. School Leavers/Fresh Graduates
                                      1. Mid-career professionals
                                        1. Within Company Ranks
                                        2. Non-Traditional sources
                                          1. Single Parents
                                            1. Older workers
                                              1. SAHM
                                                1. Workers from correctional institutes
                                              2. Recruitment Advertisement
                                                1. When writing....
                                                  1. Consider what exactly the job is.
                                                    1. Consider who the ideal candidate is.
                                                      1. List the skills needed for the job.
                                                        1. Describe the experience that applicants must have.
                                                          1. Get applicants to include details of their non-work interests and achievements.
                                                          2. Elements of an effective advertisement
                                                            1. Description of the organisation (name, brand, location, type of business)
                                                              1. Description of the position available such as job title and main duties
                                                                1. Special conditions required for the job
                                                                2. Features of an effective advertisement
                                                                  1. Accurate description of the job and its requirements
                                                                    1. Short and relevant with details that applicants need to know at application stage
                                                                      1. Honest and does not make claims that will later prove false
                                                                        1. Positive giving the applicant a positive feel about joining the businessv
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