Job Analysis

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Job Analysis
  1. What is Job Analysis?
    1. It is a procedure or a detailed examination of the tasks and performance elements that make up a job. It determines the duties and skill requirements and what the job requires in terms of aptitudes, knowledge and skills.
      1. What is the importance of conducting monthly meetings for better understanding of employee’s job?
        1. Feedback
          1. Reviewal of performance
            1. Announcement of major changes
        2. Why conduct one?
          1. Training
            1. Because there are different positions in the organizations in which different skills are needed for each ; this allows us to develop questions like "Who is to be trained"/by when?/the contents.
            2. Recruiting
              1. It helps to fill in the right vacancy of the job as it helps to understand what type of employee is suitable for the work.
              2. Appraisal and evaluating performance
                1. Helps decide who to be promoted/dismissed as to whether or not they are performing up to standard.
              3. Who conducts one?
                1. It is usually a joint effort between HR specialists, the worker and the worker’s supervisor.
                2. How to conduct one?
                  1. Step 1: Collect Information
                    1. Collect required information related to various aspects of jobs through interviews, observations and questionnaires
                    2. Step 2: Analysis and Evaluate background information
                      1. Review relevant background information such as organization charts as it show the organization wide division of work, how the job in question relates to other jobs, and where the job fits in the overall organization.
                      2. Step 4: Verification of job analysis
                        1. To help confirm that the information collected is factually correct and complete, a verification with the worker and with his or her immediate supervisor should be carried out. This also allows any sort of modifications to be carried out.
                        2. Step 3: Select representative positions and actually analyze the job
                          1. There may be too many similar jobs to analyze so, select representative positions to avoid unnecessary work.
                          2. Step 5: Develop a job description and job specification.
                            1. The job description describes the activities and responsibilities of the job. The job specification summarizes the knowledge, skills and abilities required for getting the job done.
                              1. What is a job description?
                                1. It is a written statement of what the worker actually does, how he or she does it, and what the job’s working conditions are.
                                  1. Why is it important?
                                    1. Job Identification
                                      1. Includes information like job title which is valuable for providing employee information and fostering self-esteem.
                                      2. Duties & Responsibilities
                                        1. Indicates very clearly of the expectations of employees.
                                        2. Compensation Plans
                                          1. Allows companies to develop standardized compensations plans for each employee.
                                          2. Recognition & Awards
                                            1. Recognize/Encourage employees to strive and perform better.
                                            2. Discipline
                                              1. To be used as an illustration for employees whom are not performing.
                                              2. Relationships
                                                1. Helps identify relationships so as to achieve job satisfaction.
                                            3. What is a job specification?
                                              1. It tells us, what kind of person to recruit and also under what qualities that person should be tested. Job Specification translates the job description into terms of the human qualifications, which are required for performance of a job
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