An Inspector Calls: Characters

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Short points about each character in 'An Inspector Calls'.

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An Inspector Calls: Characters
  1. Mr Birling
    1. Family man
      1. Successful Businessman
        1. Shallow man
          1. likes to be in control
            1. Money and Power
            2. Sheila Birling
              1. Wise
                1. jealous and Vain in Milwards
                  1. Is different from the other Birlings
                    1. Inspectors Revelations changed her for the Good
                      1. Becomes like the Inspector
                      2. Eric Birling
                        1. Clues that Eric isn't quite right
                          1. Has Guilty Secrets
                            1. Not loved much by the others
                              1. Alcholoic
                                1. Villain and Victim
                                2. Sybil Birling
                                  1. Obsessed with rules of behavior
                                    1. Successful Wife but a Lousy Mother
                                      1. Stubborn and Hard-Hearted
                                        1. Snob
                                          1. Uncooperative
                                            1. Trapped by the Inspector
                                            2. Gerald Croft
                                              1. Has lots going for him
                                                1. Mini-Arthur
                                                  1. Has secrets
                                                    1. Victim
                                                      1. reckons he feel in love (for a bit)
                                                        1. Isn't bad or good
                                                        2. Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
                                                          1. Pretty
                                                            1. All her jobs are taken away from her
                                                              1. She had feelings too
                                                                1. Are they the same person
                                                                  1. Never sought revenge
                                                                  2. Inspector Goole
                                                                    1. Manner is Deceptive
                                                                      1. His authority strengthens his moral tone
                                                                        1. uses emotive language
                                                                          1. has new information throughout the play
                                                                            1. Has an ally in Sheila
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