Secondary Storage

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Mind map of secondary storage

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Secondary Storage
  1. non-volatile
    1. When the computer is turned off the data will be saved
    2. optical
      1. Advantages
        1. good for archiving
          1. transportable
            1. durable
            2. Disadvantages
              1. requires special drives to read and write
                1. doesn't store a lot of data compared to the others
                2. Examples
                  1. CD
                    1. DVD
                  2. magnetic
                    1. Advantages
                      1. quick to access data
                        1. some are cheap e.g. floppy disk
                          1. store a large amount of data
                          2. Disadvantages
                            1. data can be altered by magnetic fields
                          3. Solid sate drive(SSD)
                            1. Advantages
                              1. No moving parts
                                1. transfer speeds are faster
                                  1. runs at the same speed no matter how much data is being accessed
                                    1. long life span
                                    2. Disadvantages
                                      1. expensive
                                        1. slow random write speeds
                                        2. Examples
                                          1. memory stick
                                            1. memory card
                                              1. phone
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