Human resource planning

Holly Williams
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Holly Williams
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Human resource planning
  1. internal issues
    1. organisational structure
      1. customer trends
        1. levels of motivation
          1. staff turn over
            1. sickness rates and absenteeism
    2. External issues
      1. economy
        1. employment trends
          1. skills shortage
            1. change in legislation
              1. location
                1. competition for job seekers
                  1. market demand
                    1. seasonality
        2. low staff turnover
          1. lack of new ideas coming into business
            1. poor levels or motivation
              1. few vopportunities for promotion
                1. lack of training at lower levels
                  1. strong team of experienced people
          2. high staff turnover
            1. cost of recruitment and selection
              1. poor levels of motivation
                1. reputation of organisation when requiting
                  1. new ideas coming into organisation
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