Employment opportunities

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Employment opportunities
  1. sectors
    1. private
      1. public
        1. voluntary
    2. full time
      1. employment which the employee works more thank 35 hours per week
        1. more commited
          1. less knew ideas
            1. staff always have to get paid
      2. part time
        1. employment where the employee works less than 35 horus a week
          1. cheaper
            1. more disirable
              1. less committed/reliable/less knowledge
        2. seasonal
          1. employment in which the employee works for a company during a seasonal period e.g christmans
            1. cope with high demand
              1. flexible
                1. less commited/reliable/less knowledge
          2. permanent - a contract with no stated termination date
            1. temporaty - employees that are hired to meet business demand with stated termination date
              1. contractual - an individual who works for a company through a agency
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