recruitment and selection

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recruitment and selection
  1. why do businesses recruit staff
    1. growth
      1. seasonality
        1. changing job roles
          1. natural wastage
          2. documents of recruitment
            1. job description
              1. job specification
                1. job advertisments
                  1. aptitude test
            2. identifications of strengths and weaknesses of
              1. job applications
                1. personal profile
                  1. letters of application
                    1. performance in interview
                      1. performance in tests
                        1. skills and qualities required to work effectivly
                          1. criteria used to select best candidate
              2. legal and ethical responsibilities relating to equal opportunities
                1. equality act
                  1. equal pay
                    1. working time directive
                2. disciplinary procedure
                  1. verbal warning
                    1. written warning
                      1. final warning
                        1. dismisal
                  2. equality act - full sail cant discriminate agaist age, gender, religion or sexual orientation for any position
                    1. equal pay act - both men and women should be paid the same amount for the same job role
                      1. working time directives - workers cant be forced to work more than 48 hours a week.
                    2. vacency
                      1. job anaysis
                        1. job description
                          1. short listing
                            1. interviewing
                              1. selection
                                1. induction
                                  1. appraisal
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