Henry and Becket

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Henry and Becket
  1. Becket
    1. born-1120
      1. died-1170
      2. prolems
        1. argued with the pope
          1. lost crown treasury
            1. Stephan couldn't control his barons
              1. illegal castles were built
                1. barons were more powerful than the monarch
                2. civil legal system
                  1. new coinage system
                  2. inquest of sheriffs
                    1. henry sent out officials to check on the effiancy of every sheriff
                      1. 1170
                      2. adulterines
                        1. unathorised castles
                          1. they were pulled down or taken under Henry's control
                            1. 375
                            2. assize of arns
                              1. the old fyrd system was bought back
                                1. 1181
                                2. assize of claredon
                                  1. Henry decided to establish royal justice throughout the country
                                    1. 1166
                                    2. benafit of the clergy
                                      1. reintroduced
                                        1. church courts did not use capital of corpal punishment
                                          1. 1166
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