Skills for Geography

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Skills for Geography
  1. Topographic Maps
    1. Area and grid Reference
      1. The vertical lines are called eastings
        1. This is stated first
        2. Horizontial lines are called Northings
          1. Area Ref:
            1. Uses 4 digits
              1. the dot is in the bottom left corner
                1. Grid Reference
                  1. Has 6 numbers
                    1. the point is somewhere in the square
                    2. Contour
                      1. When the lines are closer together it means that there is a slop
                        1. When the lines are far apart it means that it is a flat area
                          1. Contour interval: is the value between the contour lines
                              1. When lines are evenly spaces out then it is a constant slop
                            1. Reading and interperating climate graphs and weather maps
                                1. Troughs and ridges
                                  1. A trough occures when an area of low pressure extends between 2 high pressure systems. Often brings rain
                                    1. A ridge occures when a high pressure system is between 2 low pressure systems
                                      1. They are both marked by a dashed line on a synoptic chart
                                    2. Rules for Climate statistic charts
                                      1. Rainfall on the left
                                        1. is a colume graph
                                        2. Temperature on the right
                                          1. Is on a line graph
                                            1. Plat the points in the middle of all the squares
                                              1. Join the Pints together in a smooth line
                                          2. Range
                                            1. To find the range subtract the smallest value from the largest value
                                            2. Annual average rainfall
                                              1. Is the average rainfall for the year
                                                1. Add up all the average mothly rain together
                                                2. To find the annual range
                                                  1. Subtract the smallest value from the largest value from the moths
                                                3. Geography


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