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  1. Encompases any technology that allows us to process data and to communicate
    1. Data is simply any numbers,letters or symbols that can be entered into a computer system
      1. Context is what the data represent
        1. with context, te data has meaning now it is information
    2. A system has three stages
      1. 1. The input 2.the process 3.the output
      2. A computer is a device that stores and process information
        1. Information
          1. Processing of the information using instructions
            1. New information
        2. Components
          1. Hardware
            1. Is the physical part of the computer system
            2. Software
              1. Is a collection of instrcutions that tell the computertr what to do (is not a physical thing)
              2. Difference
                1. software is instructions that tell hardware computer what to do
              3. CPU
                1. iis the device that out software instructions
                  1. Measured in hertz (Hz)
                2. Main memory
                  1. Is where any data or instructions that are to be proccesed by the CPU must be placed
                  2. RAM
                    1. Is a volatile storage device
                      1. When a computer is in use, its RAM will contain:
                        1. 1.The operating system software 2.The application software currently being used 3.Any data that is being processed
                      2. Measured in bytes
                      3. ROM
                        1. Is used in most computers to hold a small,special piece of software
                        2. Pheripherical devices
                          1. Input device
                            1. Devices that pass data into the computer
                              1. Keyboard, mouse , webcam....
                            2. Output devices
                              1. Devices that take data from the computer
                                1. A monitor, a printer, a loud speaker...
                            3. Backing storages
                              1. Is the name of all the devices that ca store data in a computer system
                              2. Operating system
                                1. Is special piece of software that manages the general operation of a computer system
                                  1. Windows Xp, linux,, mac OS X ...
                                2. User interface
                                  1. Graphical user interface
                                    1. Command-line interface
                                    2. Computers
                                      1. Mainframe
                                        1. Is a large computer, often used by large business, in goverment pffices, or by universities
                                        2. Personal computer (PC)
                                          1. Computer that contains the same basic cpmponents as a mainframe computer but a fraction of the size and cost
                                          2. Laptop
                                            1. Is a light, compact and portable PC
                                            2. Palmtop computer
                                              1. is similar to a laptod but smaller
                                              2. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
                                                1. Is similar to a palmtop computer but is more compct and has no keyboard
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