Renewable Energy Sources

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Renewable Energy Sources//Physics Revision(AQA)

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Renewable Energy Sources
  1. Geothermal Energy
    1. Only possible in volcanic areas where hot rocks lie near the surace
      1. Steam & hot water rise to the surface and are used to drive a generator
        1. Free energy, no environmental problems
          1. aren't suitable locations for power plants, cost of building power plants are too high
            1. Wind Power
              1. Wind Turbine has its own generator inside. The electricity is generated directly from the wind turning the blades
                1. Initial costs are quite high, very noisy, no power when wind stops
                2. no fuel or minimal costs, no permanent damage
                  1. Solar Cells
                    1. Solar Cells generate electric currents directly from sunlight
                      1. Used in remote places and to power electric road signs and satellites
                        1. not effective in 'cloudy countries', generate electricity on a small scale e.g. individual homes
                          1. in sunny countries solar power is a very reliable,running costs almost nil, the energy is free
                          2. Wave Power
                            1. As waves come into the shore they provide an up & down motion which can be used to drive the generator
                              1. no fuel costs, minimal running costs
                                1. hazard to boats,waves tend to die out when the wind drops
                                  1. Hydroelectric
                                    1. Requires flooding of a valley by building a dam. Rainwater is caught and allowed out throughout the turbines
                                      1. immediate response to an increased demand for electricity
                                        1. releases methane and CO2
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