The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

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This is a a analysis of the painting, The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli :P :)

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The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli
  1. The fact that she is wearing white, which is a colour purity and innocence, whilst there are red curtains behind, which is colour of passion and lust creates a contrast.
    1. The contrast may symbolise the evil surrounding her.
      1. It also intesifies the woman's purity
      2. The Goblin
        1. The Gobling is also perched on the woman's chest, which may represent the sexulisation of women at the time
          1. It may represent society and the lengths woman went to live by its standards
          2. The Goblin is sitting on her dreams-referring back to title.
            1. It may be some sort of inner evil she is trying to let out
              1. It may be some sort of alter ego she si trying to express, as the Romatic Era was all about expressing oneself.
              2. The horse/donkey
                1. It may represent how people used to look at the bad things, but never intervene.
                  1. Donkeys are often associated with stupidity and this may represent how stupid people were to follow society
                    1. The word for a female horse is mare-nightmare.
                      1. The goblin could've used this mare to travel to the lady
                      2. Horses also represent freedom and this may show how close the woman is freedom, but is weighed down by one thing-her demon (goblin)
                        1. The horse has bulging eye, as if its trying to take in all the action and then gossip about it to friends.
                        2. Her position
                          1. She is in a position of vunrerabillity and is open to attack
                            1. Her position looks as if she's in a state of horror
                              1. Having a nightmare
                            2. Colour Scheme
                              1. Everything around the woman is dark apart from her
                                1. Showing that she's the only purity in the painting
                                2. The cutains
                                  1. The curtains are blood red just like the ones in theatres, which may imply that this woman's 'nightmare' is all just a show for society
                                3. The Artist
                                  1. Some people say it has something to do with Fuseli's love life
                                    1. He was rejected by a woman he loved over another man
                                      1. The painting represents his desire to have her-the goblin may be him, the woman is his love and the horse is his means of travel to get to the woman
                                    2. Another interpretation is that the painting may represent the sexual desire he has for the woman an that the woman is in a state of pleasure not horror.
                                    3. The table
                                      1. Upon the table are some mysterious objects possibly medicine or alcohol
                                        1. She could be realesing her demons using the medicine or alcohol or comited suicide and released her demons
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