Biology KS3 Y7

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Biology exams sylabbus for the end of year exam y7

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Biology KS3 Y7
  1. Keys
    1. Branch Key
      1. Dichotomous Key
      2. Binocular Microscope
        1. The seven main parts;
          1. Stage
            1. Spine
              1. Focus knob
                1. Objective lens (X2)
                  1. Eye-piece lens(X10)
                    1. Side clips
                      1. Height Adjusting knob
                    2. Organs and purposes
                      1. Heart, pumps blood around the body , cardiovascular system
                        1. Stomach, Digests food for the body, Digestive system
                          1. Large intenstine, converts food into faeces, Respiratory system
                            1. Small intestine, absorbs nutrients into blood, digestive system
                              1. Kidneys, to make urine from waste products, Urinary systems
                                1. Pancreas, stores urine, urinary systems
                                  1. Liver, to get rid of toxins, Digestive systems
                                    1. Spleen, fights infections and cleans blood, lymphatic systems
                                      1. Skin, protective layer of body, integumentary systems
                                      2. Skulls
                                        1. Carnivores
                                          1. Eye sockets face forward, animal can judge distances
                                            1. Inscisiors are sharp
                                              1. Powerful canine teeth
                                                1. Cheek teeth adapted for shearing carrassials
                                                  1. Tight Jaw articulation
                                                    1. Strong cheek bone for muscle attachment.
                                                    2. Herbivores
                                                      1. Eye sockets at sides
                                                        1. Inscisiors having flat cutting edge
                                                          1. Canine teeth absent leaving a gap
                                                            1. Large molars wit canine teeth
                                                              1. Loose articulatio for sideway movement of the jaw
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