quit vic


quit vic
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quit vic
  1. Develops personal skills
    1. Provides info regarding tobacco smoking
      1. Achieved through a mass advertising campaign and via downloadable info on their website.
      2. provides info on benefits of not smoking
      3. Creates a supportive environment
        1. Provides personalised counselling for those who want to stop smoking
          1. Quitline is quits telephone service that individuals can use to receive advice
            1. Online services are also available
          2. Strengthens community action
            1. Assist health professionals, community groups and various population groups to develop anti smoking strategies
              1. provides specialist training for health professionals and funding to community and population groups
                1. these groups include indigenous australians, those experiencing health issues, ethnic and multicultural groups, schools, workplaces and enterntaining venues.
              2. Healthy public policies
                1. developed in conjuction with state governments
                  1. policies include laws relating to smoking in public places, tobacco advertising and the display of cigarettes in retail outlets
                  2. Reorients health services
                    1. Invests millions of dollars in smoking prevention research
                      1. Research provides best practice techniques for preventing people from starting smoking and assisting smokers to quit.
                        1. in turn reduces incidence of many illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.
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