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  • Coming up with a sequence of actions that result in achieving a goal is planning.
  1. Hierarchical planning
    1. Planning before experience
      1. Goals
        1. Reduce complexity of the world
      2. Meta-level
        1. Timetables
          1. Scheduling
            1. Prioritising
              1. Ordering
            2. Reactive planning
              1. e.g., thermostat
              2. Effective planning
                1. Decomposition of problem
                  1. Balance of abstraction
                    1. Abstract enough so that:
                      1. advantage of the logical structure of problem taken
                        1. it is expressive to solve similar problems
                        2. Restrictive enough so to:
                          1. Allow efficient algorithms
                      2. STRIPS planning system
                        1. Non-meta level
                          1. Uses operators which:
                            1. Use means ends reasoning
                              1. Recursively Search & apply a way to reduce difference between current state & goal state.
                              2. Modify knowledge of world
                                1. Input/Assert new knowledge
                                  1. Delete/retract old knowledge
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