Training Plan

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HR Training Plan

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Training Plan
1 Definition
1.1 The Total Company Training Plan (TCTP) is a proposal of training programmes that an organisation intends to implement over a 12-month period.
1.2 It aims to encourage companies to adopt a total and systematic approach to training involving all levels of staff in the organisation.
2 Components
2.1 Objectives
2.2 Duration and Scheduling
2.3 Target Participants
2.4 Training Venue
2.5 Training Providers
2.6 Training Budget/Costs
3 Categorisation of Training Programmes
3.1 Languages
3.2 IT/office automation
3.3 Management / HR
3.4 Quality / ISO / Safety
3.5 Technique / Profession
3.6 Finance / Accounting / Law
3.7 Adapting to the Workplace (new job, job transfer
4 Implementation
4.1 Organisational Training Procedures
4.1.1 Selection of Trainers
4.1.2 Logistics
4.1.3 Language
4.1.4 Structure of Training Programmes
4.2 Communicating the Plan
4.3 Evaluating your Plan
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