Macmillan limitations 1957-63

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Macmillan limitations 1957-63
  1. 'never had it so good'
    1. relied upon growing affluence and hoped people would be content with higher purchase.
      1. Effects on the economy show that the balance of payments were not as good
      2. Popular appeal
        1. Where at the start of his administration his old school style was regarded as a positive and seen as a gentleman, by the end he was regarded as out of touch with the ever changing/ progressing time.
          1. Only 2 members of the government had non-public schooling.
            1. Eatonites running the country...
              1. 35 out of 95MPs were related to Macmillan by marriage
            2. Industry
              1. Afraid of confrontation/ radicalisation
                1. Very evident when looking at how little was done to modernise industry in the period
                  1. Seen in 90% productivity in W. Germany/ 75% France and only 30% in Britain
                    1. Britain was also lowest in regards to industrial growth 5.7% W. Germany 5.4% France and Italy and only 2.8 % briatin
                2. Night of long knives 1962
                  1. Removed 1/3 of cabinet
                    1. Selwyn Lloyd removed as Chancellor of Exchequer after NIC failed with credit squeeze and public sector pay cuts implemented
                      1. Replaced by Maudling (a much younger minister)
                        1. This went against plans of 1961
                        2. Panic ?
                        3. Unemployment at 800,000 1962/900
                          1. Peak in 1959?
                            1. Disagreement with Peter Thorneycroft (COFE 1957-58) when he wanted to pursue a different strategy then Macmillans high inflation and low unemployment
                              1. £180 million cuts were needed, Macmillan only accepted £100 million
                                1. Currency reserves were being depleted
                                  1. Brought about his resignation in 1958
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