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  1. Birth of Moses
    1. Exodus 2
      1. Hidden in reeds
        1. Found by daughter of Pharoah
          1. Gave him to a Hebrew nurse
          2. Moses escapes to Midan
            1. Exodus 2
            2. The burning bush
              1. Exodus 3
                1. A bush on fire that was not being burt up
                2. 10 plagues of Egypt
                  1. Exodus 7:14-11:10
                    1. The plagues were put because God was unhappy about how the Egyptians were treating the Hebrews
                      1. What were they?
                        1. 1. water to blood
                          1. 2. Frogs
                            1. 3. Gnats or lice
                              1. 4. Flies
                                1. 5. Livestock disiesed
                                  1. 6. Boils
                                    1. 7. Thunder and hail
                                      1. 8. Locusts
                                        1. 9. darkness
                                          1. 10. Death of the first born
                                            1. Darkness covered Egypt
                                            2. Lots of Locusts swarmed Egypt
                                            3. This was just lots of thunder and hail
                                            4. The Egyptians got strange boils
                                            5. This meant the Egyptians couldn't eat meat
                                            6. Thee horseflies swarmed the houses in Egypt
                                            7. This made the Egyptians itch a lot
                                            8. This made everywhere you went teeming with frogs
                                            9. This made the Egyptians thirsty as they had no water
                                        2. 10 commandments
                                          1. Exodus 20
                                            1. What were they?
                                              1. Do not use the lords name in vain
                                                1. You shall not kill
                                                  1. You shall not commit adultery
                                                    1. You shll not lie to your neighbour
                                                      1. You shall not steal
                                                        1. You shall not be jealous of your neighbours bellongings
                                                          1. Honour your parents
                                                            1. Keep the 7th day holy
                                                              1. Only worship God
                                                                1. You should not worship idols
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