Old Testament Review

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Old Testament Review
  1. 2. The Flood


    • Dove = Noah knows by the leaf in the doves beak that their is land. 
    1. Animals
      1. God told Noah to bring two of every kind of animal on the Ark, male and female.
      2. Ark
        1. God told Noah their was going to be a massive flood, he had to build a Ark to save his family.
        2. Noah
          1. Noah and his family were the only good hearted people left in the world.
        3. 1. Creation
          1. Eve
            1. Gave Adam the fruit, committed the first sin.
            2. Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
              1. Where sin entered the world.
              2. Adam
                1. First man, ate from the tree.
              3. 5. Mt Sinai
                1. Ten Commandments
                  1. God gave Moses the ten commandments after he reached the top of the mountain.
                  2. Idols
                    1. The Israelites lost hope in Moses and worshipped an idol while he was gone.
                    2. Mountain Barrier
                      1. God put a barrier surrounding the mountain, preventing the Israelites from climbing it.
                    3. 8. Exile


                      • Fire = Destruction of North and South Israel. 
                      1. Northern Kingdom
                        1. Exile of the northern kingdom was around 720 B.C. (Assyrians)
                        2. Southern Kingdom
                          1. Exile of the southern kingdom was around 586 B.C. (Babylonians)
                          2. Babylons
                            1. Exile of the babylonians happened around 586 to 539 B.C. (Persians)
                          3. 3. Blessings of Abraham


                            • Beach = Descendents as numerous as the sand grains on the sea shore.
                            1. Great Nation
                              1. In Gen 12:2 God told Abraham he would make his family and himself into a great nation.
                              2. Numerous Descendants
                                1. God told Abraham he would have as many decedents as the stars in the sky or grains of sand on the sea shore.
                                2. Make Name Great
                                  1. Abrahams name would be known throughout history, and be recognized by his decedents.
                                3. 6. The Kings
                                  1. Solomon
                                    1. Davids son, later to be the third king.
                                    2. David
                                      1. Second king after Saul.
                                      2. Saul
                                        1. First King.
                                      3. 7. The Civil War


                                        • Chain fence = Border between North and South Israel. 
                                        1. North
                                          1. North of Israel was still named Israel, their capital was Samaria.
                                          2. South
                                            1. South of Israel was named Judah, Judah's capital was Jerusalem.
                                            2. Assyrians
                                              1. Conquered North Israel, Tried to conquer south Israel (Judah) but lost.
                                            3. 4. The Exodus
                                              1. Moses
                                                1. Moses convinced pharaoh to let the Israelites go.
                                                2. Plauges
                                                  1. God sends down 10 plauges, to make pharaoh let the Israelites go.
                                                  2. Egypt Escape
                                                    1. After the death of the first born, pharaoh let the Israelites go.
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