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Les criteres de selection market

Resource summary

  1. Who ?
    1. Mainly from 20 to 55 years old and more than 65 years old
      1. Mainly holding a master degree
        1. Coming mainly from Paris
          1. Mainly group/social activity
          2. What do they expect ?
            1. Attending plays of different disciplines
              1. Most present genres theatre and varieties
                1. Modern -> Young Classic -> >40years
                2. Motives
                  1. Entertainment, education, intellectual and social interactions
                    1. Lack of appropriation or distance between the art and themselves
                    2. Le Châtelet feedback
                      1. Positive
                        1. Good view, musical, cheap tickets, great final, varied program, theater, exceptional, comfortable seats, beautiful room, incredible show, american in paris, great orchestra, great cast, great lights, excellent quality shows, beautiful sets, good cloakroom, easily accessible by metro.
                        2. Negative
                          1. Not enough leg room, not good view, expensive, box office not of good quality, balconies are bad places, staff not very nice/friendly, neglecting small details (property), posts that obstruct view and not comfortable seats.
                      2. How they use ?
                        1. Mainly going occasionally to the theatre (68%)
                          1. “intense” (10%) and “specialised” (4%) people
                          2. Where they live and consume ?
                            1. 50% of the audience of Châtelet is not Parisian
                              1. 50% is Parisian
                              2. How many they use and spend ?
                                1. Part of the income dedicated to cultural activities has increased since 2001 from 14.5% to 16.9%
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