The 1905 Revolution

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iGCSE History 1905 Revolution

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The 1905 Revolution
  1. A huge country over 4000 miles wide with around 130 million people.
    1. Made it difficult for the Tsar to control such a large area and different nationalities.
    2. 90% of the population were peasants using very basic methods of farming and were very poor.
      1. They were susceptible to famine and there was anger at the wealth of the land owners.
      2. Living conditions were awful, many lived in dormitories with no privacy. Factories were dangerous.
        1. There was frustration at the awful conditions and low pay. Strikes were common.
        2. All decisions were made by the Tsar. There was no parliament to represent the people. Strict repression of any challenge to the Tsar.
          1. There was anger (especially among the middle class) at the lack of democracy.
          2. Opposition groups such as the Socialist Revolutionaries began to question the autocratic system and poor living conditions.
            1. Although it was still illegal people were frustrated enough to challenge the Tsar.
            2. Economic Problems
              1. 1904 had been a bad year for Russian workers with a massive increase in the price of food. Their wages effectively declined in value by 20%.
              2. Russo-Japanese War
                1. Russia had been at war with Japan since 1904. Japan was considered a less developed country, however, they defeated Russia.People began to criticise the Tsar and his government for the failure. It was a hug embarrassment for Russia.
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