The 1905 Revolution 2

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History Timeline of 1905 Revolution

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The 1905 Revolution 2
  1. On Sunday 22 January 1905 a priest called Father Gapon led a procession of 200000 people to the Winter Palace. They were delivering a petition to the Tsar asking for better working and living conditions in the cities.
    1. Nicholas ordered his troops to shoot at the people led by Father Gapon. Reports suggest that between 100-1,000 people were killed.
      1. In June 1905 the sailors on the Battle Potemkin mutinied.
        1. The sailors were protesting against the shameful defeat of the Russo-Japanese War
          1. Many people came to join the protest in support of the sailors. Nicholas ordered the army to end the mutiny.
            1. Towards the end of June the middle class liberals joined the protests. They demanded an elected parliament, freedom of speech and the right to form political parties.
              1. Towards the end of June more and more workers started to go on strike. The workers wanted better wages and working and lining conditions.
                1. In July the peasants rioted. They seized land, burnt crops and looted the landowners' houses.
                  1. In October a group of workers came together to organise the strikes in St Petersburg. They became known as the St Petersburg Soviet. Other cities started to copy, forming their own soviets.
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