To what extent was the League of Nations a Success?


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To what extent was the League of Nations a Success?
  1. Aims of the League
    1. Organisation of the League
      1. Weaknesses in the League's Organisation
        1. 'European Club'
          1. B & F rarely agreed
          2. too slow
            1. no army
              1. missing powers
                1. USA
                  1. USSR 'till '34
                  2. UNANIMOUS
                  3. Council
                    1. 4/5 times/year
                      1. COLLECTIVE SECURITY
                        1. moral condemnation
                          1. Economic Sanctions
                            1. military force
                            2. Britain, France. Italy, Japan
                            3. Assembly
                              1. ILO
                                1. How successful in the 1920s?
                                  1. successes
                                    1. Enter text here
                                  2. How Successful in the 1930s?
                                    1. Depression & the League
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