Variation and Classification

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Variation and Classification
  1. Variation
    1. Continuous
      1. Unlimited
        1. Anything that can have a decimal point in it
          1. Like height, weight or finger length
            1. Can be caused by the environment, your genes or both
            2. Discontinuous
              1. Limited
                1. can't have a decimal place in it
                  1. Like eye colour, hair colour or shoe size
                    1. Only caused by your genes
                    2. How the same species might look or act slightly differently to one another
                    3. Classification
                      1. 5 Kingdoms
                        1. Animals
                          1. Tiger
                          2. Plants
                            1. fig tree
                            2. Protoctists
                              1. Algae
                              2. Prokaryotes
                                1. Bacteria
                                2. Fungi
                                  1. Toadsstool
                                3. Groupings made based on shared qualities
                                4. Natural Selection
                                  1. The process where the organism in a species better suited to its environment normally produces more offspring
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