Geographical Approach

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Geographical Approach

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Geographical Approach
  1. Focuses on what the location of crimescene can say about the offender and where he may live
    1. It assesses and predicts the most likely area which an offender may live, work, socialise
      1. To prepare a geographical profile you must: examine case files, analyse crime scene, meet crime investigators, study street maps
        1. Uses a computer system called CGT (Criminal Geographic Targeting) which uses spatial data to produce a 3D model known as jeapardy surface
          1. Jeapardy surface contains colour and height probability codes which are superimposed on a map
          2. They propose that offenders prefer operate in areas they know well (close to home)
            1. Canter and Gregory - Many offenders have been found to have a crime range of 2 miles
              1. distinguished between people who commit crimes in their on neighborhood (Marauders) and those who travel (commuters)
            2. Canter- Infomation about crime scenes reflects offenders mentl map of the area. Each persons mental map is unique
              1. Evidence - Lundrigan and Canter - who studied spatiail behaviour of 120 serial killers and found that offenders homes were central to the body disposal sites and each site tended to be in opposite direction of previous site
                1. Geographical profiling has been founded on psychological theory about how infomation is represented
                  1. Useful for all types of crimes not just violent offences. Goodwill and Allison- analysis of 215 burglaries and found geographicl infomation was very useful for linking cases commted by a single burglar
                    1. Whilst geographical information is important, location of a crime is not enough to enable a base t be infered. The location needs to be understood in the context of the offenders behaviour at the scene, time of crime and victim therefore combining georgaphical and psychological data is necessary.
                      1. It may not distinguish between multiple offenders operating in the same area and following similar modi operandi
                        1. Although computer systems are highly scientific and sophisticated they cannot analyse all the infomaton involved in a crime scene. They are only as good as the accuracy of underlying assumptions used to create the programme
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