GCSE Geography - Climate Change - Unfinished

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GCSE Geography - Climate Change - Unfinished
  1. Evidence of climate change
    1. 2005 - hottest year on record
      1. In the last 100 years, Earth has warmed by 0.75℃
        1. Oceans have absorbed 80% of the heat added to the climate
          1. Since 1900, sea levels have risen globally by 17cm
            1. Thermal expansion
              1. As water warms, it expands
              2. Land ice melting
                1. Water released flows into the oceans
            2. Effects of climate change
              1. Case study: Great barrier reef
                1. Threatened by ocean acidification
                  1. Caused by excess anthropogenic CO2
                  2. By 2100, ocean pH is predicted to fall
                    1. Falling from a current 8.2 to estimated 7.8
                    2. As CO2 is absorbed, it bonds with water, forming carbonic acid
                      1. Carbon is not available for marine animals to make calcium exoskeletons
                        1. This leaves exoskeletons weak and brittle and exposes animals to predation or destruction during storms
                          1. It affects the entire food chain and reef biodiversity
                        2. Extreme weather systems - e.g. floods and cyclones of 2010-11
                          1. Affects tourism, farming etc and so economy
                            1. Also threatened by pesticide runoff
                          2. Anthropogenic CO2 Production
                            1. 3/4 of the UK energy use comes from fossil fuels
                              1. Coal
                                1. Oil
                                  1. Natural gas
                                  2. The human race produces over 7 gigatonnes of CO2 every year
                                    1. Logging and deforestation
                                      1. Trees naturally absorb CO2 for use in respiration/photosynthesis
                                        1. However, forests are being cut down
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