Germany ageing population

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The advantages, disadvantages and methods of dealing with germany's ageing population

Resource summary

Germany ageing population
  1. 20% over 65 years old
    1. Advantages
      1. Reduction in crime rate
        1. Consumers
          1. Contribute money to society
          2. Work
            1. Half- time
              1. Volunteer
                1. Pay tax
                2. Look after grandchildren
                  1. Provide jobs at care homes
                    1. Have spending power
                    2. Disadvantages
                      1. Public finances under strain
                        1. Require expensive health care
                          1. Less money spent on other things
                            1. For example libraries
                          2. High average state pension
                            1. Don't pay taxes
                            2. Child support payments
                              1. 2007
                                1. More day care centres built
                                  1. Improve working image of mothers
                                  2. Maternity leave
                                    1. Job protection generous
                                      1. 67% of net income recieved
                                        1. Reduce unemployment
                                      2. Retire later
                                        1. Pay more tax
                                          1. Earn more money
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