Multiculturalism in Sheffield

Nicola Andrzejowska
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The reasons for, problems with and solutions to ethnic segregation in Sheffield

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Multiculturalism in Sheffield
  1. Why Sheffield
    1. Used to be an industrial centre
      1. People came to work
      2. Ethnic groups are former British colonies
        1. Freely able to come to the UK for years
      3. Solutions
        1. One Sheffield Many Cultures
          1. Aims
            1. Promote unity
              1. Celebrate cultural contribution
                1. Celebrate tradition of opposition to racism
                2. Activities
                  1. Promotion
                    1. Festivals
                      1. Public discussion
                    2. City Of sanctuary
                      1. Build a culture of hospitality for asylum seekers and refugees
                        1. Created 30 other initiatives
                          1. Well known
                          2. Make Sheffield take pride in welcoming people
                            1. Enables them to contribute to the community
                            2. Education
                              1. Free access to English tuition
                                1. Opportunities available to all
                                2. Access to services
                                  1. Transport
                                  2. Housing
                                    1. Safe accomodation for all
                                    2. Employment
                                      1. Have opportunity to engage in constructive activity
                                      2. Events
                                        1. Fair system
                                        2. Reasons for ethnic segregation
                                          1. Specialist facilities
                                            1. Place of worship
                                              1. Familiar food
                                              2. Employment factors
                                                1. Low paid jobs so can only afford certain housing in certain areas
                                                2. Familiar culture
                                                  1. Language
                                                    1. Belief
                                                      1. Ideas
                                                      2. Support
                                                        1. Can associate with eachother
                                                          1. Protected from racial abuse
                                                      3. Problems with ethnic segregation
                                                        1. Ghettos
                                                          1. Racism
                                                            1. Sterotyped
                                                              1. Don't get the same oppertunities
                                                            2. Rise in extremist polotics
                                                              1. Can cause worry
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