Russia and the Independent Republics

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Notes on Russia for my Geography spring final

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Russia and the Independent Republics
  1. Russia
    1. More timber, oil, gold, silver, and diamonds than any other country on earth
      1. Extracting resources from remote and rugged locations has been a problem
        1. Problems preserving the natural environment
          1. Transporting resources to industrial centers has been an issue
            1. Railroad transportation moves the greatest amount of goods in Russia
              1. Many roads, rivers, and harbors freeze over in the cold, making transportation of goods difficult
          2. Under the Soviet system, farmland was organized into state and collective farms
            1. Joseph Stalin's emphasis on heavy industry had negative consequences on the Soviet Union
              1. It was difficult to obtain goods such as clothing and food in the Soviet Union
                1. Stalin's policies made production of consumer goods a low priority
            2. Mikhail Gorbachev's reform policies led to turmoil and dissatisfaction that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union
              1. Upon becoming an independent nation, Russia entered a period of transition to a market-driven economy
                1. Economic reforms encouraged private ownership and offered greater prospects for long-term growth
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