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Mind map on the different adhesives and their uses

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  1. Natural
    1. Animal glues
      1. e.g. Animal hide, bone, hooves
        1. Used to glue woods, fabrics and leathers
        2. Natural resins
          1. e.g. Gum arabic
            1. Used for papers and fabrics. It is a binder in watercolour paints
            2. Inorganic cements
              1. e.g. Portland cement
                1. Used in the building industry for bonding bricks and blocks
              2. Synthetic
                1. Synthetic resins
                  1. e.g. Cascamite
                    1. For bonding wood
                      1. Waterproof
                        1. Can fill slight gaps
                        2. Epoxy resins
                          1. e.g. Araldite Two
                            1. joins most materials
                            2. PVA
                              1. e.g. Poly-Vinyl Acetate
                                1. used for gluing woods
                                  1. generally not waterproof
                                  2. Contact adhesives
                                    1. e.g. Evo-Stik
                                      1. used for bonding SHEET materials on contact
                                      2. Hot glue sticks
                                        1. they work on application of heat
                                          1. for the rapid bonding of papers and cards
                                          2. Acrylic cement
                                            1. e.g. Tensol
                                              1. for gluing acrylics only
                                            2. Using Adhesives
                                              1. requires good surface preparation - surface must be clean of dust and previous coatings
                                                1. adhesive applied to either one or both components
                                                  1. once applied, adhesives must be held together until dry
                                                  2. Advantages of using adhesives
                                                    1. join is essentially invisible
                                                      1. adhesives do not damage the component or cause indentations
                                                        1. able to join dissimilar materials
                                                          1. insulating properties of adhesives help to prevent corrosion
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