SMART obectives

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Smart objectives to pass HND

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SMART obectives
  1. Specific
    1. study smart not hard
      1. skim read
        1. learn to search effectively
      2. social
        1. build a friendship / study group
          1. express myself
          2. be kind to myself
            1. celebrate my achievements
          3. Achievable
            1. stay focussed
              1. avoid distractions
                1. get to classes on time
                2. Realistic
                  1. be honest - no excuses
                    1. do my best work
                  2. Timely
                    1. taking small steps to achieve my goals
                      1. use a diary to keep on track
                      2. Measurable
                        1. pass driving test
                          1. settle in to halls
                            1. get to class on time
                              1. trips out with friends
                              2. keep bank in credit
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