Religion and Science Mindmap

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Religion and Science Mindmap
  1. The Big Bang Theory
    1. No time or space before
      1. No sound during explosion
        1. Scienists trying to figure out what exactly happened
          1. A small atom explode causing the big bang, but where did the atom come from
            1. Matter expanded cooled and created the universe
              1. Universe was born
                1. still many unanswered questions
                2. Other Theories
                  1. Hubble : Discovery that distant galaxies in every direction are moving away
                    1. Penzias and Wilson : Heard an echo from the Bug Bang from their satellite dish
                      1. The Big Crunch : The idea that the universe has a maximum expansion and it will then contract back to nothing
                        1. Higgs Boson Particle and CERN: Crashing of protons together to see if they create a matter and trying to disprove God as being the creator of the Universe
                        2. Origin
                          1. Science explains that our world was created by The Big Bang Theory. An atom which came from the nothingness and exploded causing it to form our universe
                            1. Science explains humanity through evolution where we evolved from apes.
                              1. Religion explains our world was created by God in 7 days.
                                1. Religion explains Humanity where God created Mankind in his own image (Adam and Eve)
                                2. Views from both sides and together
                                  1. Religion: 1) James Usher - 400 years? - Bible only refers back to 4000 years 2) Edumund Gosse - Fossils trick us, it is God's test - Literalist 3) St Thomas Aquinas - Creation story is true 4) Ken ham - Evolution has ruined religion, we need to go back to the bible.
                                    1. Religion and Science : 1) John Polkenghorne - Religion=Why? Science=How? 2) Intelligent Design - Everything has a intelligent explanation - God made The Big Bang Theory occur 3) Darwin - Started off questioning religion, but come up with the evolutionary theory
                                      1. Science: 1) Richard Dawkins - Evolution - No God - Happened by chance, religion is out os date 2) Bill Nye - Too much evidence from science for religion to be true 3) Christopher Hitchens - Religion is not necessary and was created by man 4) Stephen Hawkins - God is irrelavant due to science.
                                      2. Animals and the environment
                                        1. Religion states that Adam was given responsibilty to rule over animals
                                          1. Animals apparently feel pain and loss like us so we shouls treat them equally
                                            1. We use animals for medical testing which benefits us
                                              1. God would want us to look after his creation of the world.
                                                1. The environment should be treated with more respect as it is key to human survival.
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