Second Language Acquisition Theories

Katherine Baugh
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Katherine Baugh
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My map shows the different second language acquisition theories

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Second Language Acquisition Theories
  1. Input Hypothesis Theory
    1. Created by Stephen Krashen
      1. Learning is dependent on the mood of the learner,
        1. Create a comfortable environment so the students want to be there and want to learn
        2. BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills)
          1. Created by Jim Cummins
            1. Language skills needed in social interactions
              1. have the students work in different sized groups to make sure they build social skills
              2. CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
                1. Created by Jim Cummins
                  1. language we dont use in everyday conversations, more complex language
                    1. provide different levels of texts to introduce harder langauge
                    2. Universal Grammar
                      1. Created by Noam Chomsky
                        1. All human language rests on building blocks of expression, based on the interactions between verbs, nouns and adjectives
                          1. Make sure the students understand the fundamentals of sentence structures
                          2. Threshold Hypothosis
                            1. Created by Jim Cummins
                              1. One needs to be successful to a certain point in their ownlanguage before they can be successful in another language
                                1. make sure to have the other children learn about other cultures through either other students or parents teaching them
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