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The Big Four Record Labels

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    The Big Four Record Labels
    These big four record labels represent the majority of the music sold in the market, making up as much as 75% of the music market shares. The renown artists, who are signed to any of 'The Big Four' record label's are either signed to the central label or its subsidiary. For example; Beyonce is signed to Columbia Records, however she is also a part of Song Records due to their ownership, being the conglomerate.

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    Universal Music Group
    Universal Music Group, abbreviated to UMG, is an American-French multinational music corporation that currently produces as a subsidiary under the conglomerate Vivendi. UMG sell more music than any other major label. They are accounted for 25.5% of the market in 2005. It is the largest of 'The Big Four' record companies by its leading market share; Worldwide artists such as Rihanna belong to this record label.

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    Sony Music Entertainment
    Sony Music Entertainment, abbreviated to SME, is an American record label owned by SONY. It is the second largest music corporation in the world.SME is the second biggest major recording label of 'The Big Four' record companies. SME is accounted for 21.5% if the market in 2005. The company also own other smaller record labels, the most famous being Columbia Records; Famous artists include Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, One Direction and many more. As of 2010, its revenue was $5.5 million and climbing. 

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    Warner Music Group
    Warner Music Group, abbreviated as WMG, is a multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate; formerly owned by Time Warner.It is the third largest in the recording and globally in the music industry; Worldwide artists such as Beyonce are with this label.The current situation of the company, Warner Music Group, was formed in 2004 when it was made completely separate from Time Warner. As a result Time Warner retain no ownership towards WMG, despite its name. 

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    EMI Group
    EMI is a multinational music company. It was the third largest major record label in music sales until 2011, where they were financially troubled by $4 million worth of debt. However as of now it is the fourth largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry.Worldwide artists such as The Beatles and Coldplay belonged to this record label.
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