The Montagu Decleration

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ben hambidge
Created by ben hambidge almost 6 years ago
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The Montagu Decleration
1 by 1917, it was clear to the British that postponing political concessions had no benefit.
2 Edward Montagu who was the secretary of state for India announced a new constitutional objective in the House of Commons on 20th of August
3 The promise of "self-governing institutions" was a clear and significant concession that an Indian parliament, controlling the Indian administration, would be created
4 Montagu set off a massive tour of India to consult politicians and public opinion
5 The findings were published in the 1918 Montagu-Chelmsford report which became the basis for the 1919 legislation
6 By the times the reforms became law, events at Amritsar in the Punjab would have sealed the fate of the British Empire in India

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