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Inspire Foundation
  1. Developing personal skills
    1. 1997 and in 1998
      1. began giving information to young people about mental health information
        1. Nowadays - information, social networking, factsheets, personal stories
          1. Aim to increase mental health Literacy, improve healp seeking skills, reduce stigma assoscieted mental illness
            1. 83% of users stay on for 11 mins or longer
              1. has interactive games which develop life skills
                1. inclkudes written teacher resources to support the use of the game in PDHPE lessons
                2. Creating Supportive Environments
                  1. Websites support young people to build resilience and work their way through tough times
                    1. ReachOut provides community discussions, share stories, provide advice and support
                      1. ActNow increases engagement and social connectedness. Gets people involved in their community
                      2. Strengthening community action
                        1. ReachOut teachers launched in 2007 improves understanding on mental illness
                          1. Has an entire section devoted to the use of technologies in schools and helps with effective learning
                            1. Brings issues to the forefront and aims to reduce the stigma with mental illness
                              1. Provides teachers with the confidence to teach students protective stategies and life skills to manage mental health
                                1. Helps to teach students how they can support friends and family suffering from mental health
                                2. Reorienting Health services
                                  1. ReachOut Pro website helps health care professionals work with young people
                                    1. Gives Health care professionals advice on a range of technologies and resources that enhance the effectiveness of psychosocial support and mental health care
                                      1. Encourages Health care professionals to become acquanted with new technologies and to integrate this use into their practice to meet the needs of improving young peoples mental health
                                      2. Building Healthy Public Police
                                        1. NSW Youth Health Policy (in partnership with the Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health, WestMead)
                                          1. Inspire research and policy partnerships (
                                            1. Read about the Inspire Foundation's advocacy for healthy public policies through news releases from their blog
                                            2. Inspire Foundation
                                              1. 1996 due to escalating rates of youth suicide
                                                1. Improve young people's mental health and wellbeing
                                                  1. funded by Government
                                                    1. Prevent Youth suicide
                                                      1. 2020 vision, make global contribution to young people's mental health and wellbeing
                                                        1. Dream is for people to stand up and say 'I am happy'
                                                        2. Websites
                                                          1. - information, support and resources to help young people improve understading
                                                            1. - connect young people with opportunities to learn more about their world and social issues
                                                              1. - resources support and training to teachers
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