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helps tell you what to do to protect you from diseases and what they do

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  1. can spread very fast in the air e.g. flu e.g.g. when you sneeze
    1. diseases can spread in 3 ways through particles in the air in the food that isn't cooked properly and through cuts in the skin
      1. you can get flu jabs to protect your self
      2. the bacteria can mutate so that it doesn't get affected or killed by the jabs or medication the holder is using by when they split super fast some of the bacteria is is mutated as an accident and then they are immune to the stuuf the holder is using
        1. your send line of defence after the skin is the white blood cells which neutralise and kill and realease an antitoxin to get rid of the bacteria
        2. salmonella is caused by uncooked or under cooked food mostly coused by chicken
          1. but some things like mould can help because mold is used in pills and things to fight dieseases so eating a mouldy donut when you are ill isn't such a bad idea
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