Explanations of secularisation

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Explanations of secularisation

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Explanations of secularisation
  1. Rationalisation
    1. Rational ways of thinking replace religious ones
      1. Disenchantment
        1. The protestant reformation saw god as existing outside of the world not in it
          1. events couldn't be explained as an act of god
            1. the development of science undermined the religious world view
          2. Technological world view
            1. replaced religious ways of thinking as events could be explained with technology
          3. Structural differentiation
            1. many different institutions develop to take on the roles previously performed by the church
              1. religion has become separated from wider society and privatised in the home and family
                1. religion has lost its powers of education to the state
                2. Social and cultural diversity
                  1. Industrialisation has caused society to become more diverse
                    1. caused overall belief to fall
                  2. Religious diversity
                    1. The protestant refomation caused a number of different sects to appear from the catholic church
                      1. the variety if different beliefs on offer caused overall confident in religion to decline due to the multiple versions of the 'truth'
                    2. Contradictions of secularisation
                      1. Cultural defense
                        1. religion provides a focus for the defense of national/group identity against an external force
                        2. Cultural transition
                          1. religion provides a sense of community for ethnic groups living in a different culture
                        3. The Spiritual revolution
                          1. traditional religion is giving way to new age spirituality that emphasises personal development
                            1. The growth of the New Age was not equal to the fall in traditional religion, so it was not replacing it
                              1. traditional religion was in decline because of its demand for high discipline which does not correlate with a post modern society
                                1. P.M. emphasises personal development and fulfilment
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