World Ecosystems

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World Ecosystems
  1. tropical rainforests
    1. climate
      1. hot,wet climate with no definite seasons
        1. approximetly 100 inches a year of rainfall
          1. 26 and 27 degrees
        2. Areas
          1. Found along the equator with the sun directly overhead- rapid photosynthesis
            1. South Amercia, central America, South east Asia
          2. soil
            1. Dead organic material and hot damp conditions on the forest floor allows rapid decomposition to take place. This along with the rainfall adds plenty of nutrients.
              1. HOWEVER heavy rainfall quickly washes away these nutrients
                1. despite the infertile soil the rainforest survises because flora and fauna remains in the humid conditions and adds utrients to the soil
            2. vegetation structure
              1. plant adaptations
                1. plants are adapted to the heavy rainfall- thick waxy leaves that have pointed tipsthaatb channel the water so it runs off, so the weight of the water doesnt damage the leaf
                  1. tall ttrees have butrress roots- support their trunks in the shallow soil.
                    1. climbing plants- use the tree trunks to climb up to the light for photosynthesis
                  2. Hot deserts
                    1. areas
                      1. North Africa, Middle East, South West USA, Australia
                        1. mainly latitudes15 and 30 north and south of the equator, along the tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn
                        2. climate
                          1. there is very little rainfall. when it does rain varies alot, it may rain once every two or three years.
                            1. Temperatures are extreme-they range from very hot in the day(45), to cold at night(5)
                            2. soil
                              1. Hardly any leaf fall or rain so the soil is not very fertile. it i usually shallow with a gravely texture
                              2. vegetation
                                1. plant growth is pretty sparse due to the lack of rainfal. plants that do grow include cacti and thornbushes
                                2. plant adadptations
                                  1. plant roots are exremely long to reach the deep water supplies and spread out near the surface to get as much water when it does rain
                                    1. cacti have swolen stems to store water and a thick waxy skin to reduce water loss
                                      1. the seeds of some plants only germinate when it rains. The plants grow when there is enough water to survive
                                    2. temperature decidious forest
                                      1. areas
                                        1. Europe, japan, china, south USA
                                          1. found at latitudes of 40-60 north and south of the eqator
                                          2. climate
                                            1. 4 distinct seasons, rainfall all year but the summers are warm
                                            2. soil
                                              1. the soil is fertile because there is a thick layer of leaf fall and rains often which adds nutrients to the soil
                                              2. plant adaptations
                                                1. trees are decidious- they drop leaves in autumn to reduce water loss in months when it is harder to get water- frozen soil, lack of sun for photosynthesis
                                                  1. wildflowers grow on the forest floow before trees grow leaves and block out photosynthesis
                                                  2. vegetation
                                                  3. tropical grassland
                                                    1. areas
                                                      1. mainly between latitudes of 5-15 north and south of the equator
                                                        1. central africa, north Australia, brazil, america
                                                        2. climate
                                                          1. soil
                                                            1. vegetation
                                                              1. there is a variation of vegetation
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