tourism 2

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tourism 2
  1. UK tourism
    1. it is a big contribution to the UK's economy
      1. 32 million oversea visitors in 2008
        1. 2007- tourism contributed £114 billion and employed 1.4 million people
        2. popular because...
          1. countryside and coast
            1. historic land marks
              1. churches and cathedrals
                1. castles and palaces
                2. London
                  1. particulary popular for its museums, shops and theatres
                    1. HALF of all visitors to UK go to London
                    2. factors that affect tourism in the UK
                      1. bad weather
                        1. 2007 was a really wet summer and over sea tourism fell
                        2. world economy
                          1. people are trying to cut down on oversea holidays
                          2. exchange rate
                            1. The value of the pound compared to other countries currency could affect tourism
                            2. terrorist and conflict
                              1. wars and threats mean people are less willing to visit effected areas-tourism fell sharply during 2005 London bombing
                              2. major events
                                1. big events attract large numbers of visitors- London Olympics 2012 attracted people from across the world
                            3. tourism in a MEDC Costa Del Sol
                              1. about
                                1. South of Spain
                                  1. until the 1960s the main industries were fishing and farming; the living standards were low
                                    1. transformed into one of europes most popular tourist desitnations with over 7 million visitors a year
                                    2. attractions
                                      1. PHYSICAL
                                        1. dry warm cllimate
                                          1. long sandy beaches
                                            1. warm sea
                                              1. rigged mountains
                                              2. HUMAN
                                                1. Spanish culture
                                                  1. historical towns
                                                    1. goood entertainment and nighlife
                                                      1. well developed roads and transport
                                                    2. impacts
                                                      1. negative
                                                        1. economical
                                                          1. many jobs are seasonal and low paid
                                                            1. unemployment has risen to 30%
                                                            2. social
                                                              1. overcrowding on beaches and roads
                                                                1. local culture, music and dancing have just become tourist shows
                                                                  1. increased crimes,vandalism,drunkeness and violence
                                                                  2. environmental
                                                                    1. sea is becoming polluted from litter and sewage
                                                                      1. area is littered and natural beaty is fading
                                                                        1. damaged habitats
                                                                      2. positive
                                                                        1. environmental
                                                                          1. some beaches have the blue flag status
                                                                            1. nature reserves have been set up to conserve natural areas
                                                                            2. economical
                                                                              1. 70% on locals work in tourism-provides local people with jobs
                                                                                1. traditional crafts are sold to tourists
                                                                                2. social
                                                                                  1. modern airport at malaga
                                                                                    1. new roads
                                                                                      1. living standards have improved
                                                                                        1. locals can afford to have a better life
                                                                                    2. sustainable tourism?
                                                                                      1. high rise buildings have been banned and newly built buildings have to be in line with the spanish culture
                                                                                        1. byepasses to resorts have been built to prevent traffic conjestion
                                                                                          1. cost cutting winter breaks make peoples jobs not seasonal
                                                                                            1. provide seperate services for localas
                                                                                              1. building nature reserves
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