Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge

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Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge
1 KQ: To what extent does the application of knowledge determine the value of knowledge? (Introduction)
1.1 How can the value of knowledge be determined?
1.2 Does all knowledge have an application?
1.3 (COUNTER) Does knowledge still diminish with application?
1.4 How does the value differ in personal and shared knowledge?
1.5 How could knowledge be more valuable? (refer to theoretical, procedural)
2 AOK: MATHEMATHICS (intro +throughout)
2.1 The value: Allows quantitative analysis and enables the studying on various areas in life, such as business, sciences, astronomy and economics. Without application, Mathematics would be just numbers and formulas without purposes
2.1.1 Alternatives: procedural and theoretical
2.2 Reason
2.2.1 Without reason: even with application, you might not know its purpose. With reason: more valuable
2.3 Memory
2.3.1 WHY?
3 AOK: ARTS (intro +throughout)
3.1 The value: Arts expresses feelings and emotions from individuals. It represent a culture and helps form social bonds
3.1.1 Alternatives: procedural and theoretical
3.2 Language- communication between people, created to be shared
3.2.1 WHY? Art is often used for exhibit and sell. It is came from personal knowledge, which is influenced by one's imagination, emotion and its experiences and develops to shared knowledge. Music, as a form of music are applied through sharing. Artists and musicans learn from each other, if not the knowledge itself will simply be personal, the value or depth could not be fully explored examples
3.3 Imagination- part of personal knowledge, does not have to be applied or shared in order for it to have its value
3.3.1 WHY? Different interpretations of an art piece, evokes emotion and response in the viewer examples
4 Forms of knowledge (Intro + throughout)
4.1 Theoretical
4.2 Practical/Procedural
4.3 Personal and shared
5 Main argument (sum up in conclusion)
5.1 The value of knowledge will diminish without application
5.1.1 Without application --> not as valuable
5.2 The value of knowledge will NOT diminish without application
5.2.1 Each individual might give their own value of knowledge according to their experiences (sense perception Arts
6 Direction
6.1 Application: practical uses
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