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COM302 Topic 3 Flashcards (Privacy and Surveillance)
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How can digitisation and datafication negatively impact privacy protection? (2) 1. Higher VOLUME of information is harder for individuals to track 2. Higher VELOCITY of information means data changes hands quickly
Describe two potential consequences that can arise from a lack of privacy. (2) 1. Discriminatory profiling (race, age, gender etc.) 2. Surveillance and tracking 3. Loss of control 4. Paranoia and anxiety from being constantly watched
How can a loss of privacy affect someone's ability to control their life? (2) 1. Punishment for perceived "bad behavior" 2. Paranoia of being watched leads to altered behavior even when not observed
Explain the three C's healthy online privacy should be based on. (3) 1. Choice - Decision on what, when and where to share 2. Consent - Informed and full understanding of how may data be used 3. Context - Assurance that the data is only used in the consented / chosen way
Why can differing standards of "acceptable use" increase risk of data misuse? (3) 1. Data is shared across countries and the world 2. Different areas may have different standards of use 3. Your data is only as safe as the weakest link
Name the three A's of Big Data to be concerned with according to Lyon (2014). (3) 1. Automation 2. Anticipation 3. Adaption
According to Lyon (2014), how does automation in Big Data support surveillance? (3) 1. Cost effective 2. Surveillance becomes routine 3. People begin self-regulating from fear of being watched
According to Lyon (2014), what concerns are there surrounding anticipation in Big Data? (2) 1. Decisions increasingly being made by algorithms that may discriminate unfairly 2. Mistakes can be made, difficult to fix with little human intervention
According to Lyon (2014), what is adaption in Big Data and why is it concerning? 1. Process of private sector practices being adapted into the public sector 2. Concern: Private sector ethics may not be ethical when applied to the public
Traditionally, what steps of the research process is ethics applied to? (5) 1. Design 2. Data collection 3. Data analysis 4. Report of findings 5. Publication
Besides the three C's, describe two other factors required for ethical research on people or animals. (2) 1. Power relations - are not abused 2. No harm - to participants 3. Anonymity / Confidentiality (if possible) 4. Concealment and deception - are not used 5. Honesty and integrity
Describe some power relations that appear in research. (3) 1. Researcher - Data providers 2. Rich and poor research centers 3. Digital divides 4. Researcher - subject
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