Fractional Distillation

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Created by bigbubbles about 6 years ago
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Fractional Distillation
1 Fossil Fuels are finite resources and are non renewable.
2 Oils are Hydrocarbons (Hydrogen and Carbon
3 LPG, Liquid petroleum Gas, contains Propane and brutane. Bitimen has a high boiling point. Used to make Tar
4 The fractioning column has a temperature gradient. Fractions contain mixtures of hydrocarbons with similer boiling points. Fractions with low boling points condense at the top of the column.
5 Intermolecular forces must be broken as a liquid. Heavy long chain molecules like Bitumen have strong forces of attraction so it is hard to separate them =High Boiling Point
6 Light short chain molecules like Petrol have weaker attractive forces and are easily separated and have low BPT's.
7 During boiling, intermolecular forces between molecules break but the covalent bonds do not.
8 Smaller chain molecules are in higher demand than smaller

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