Heathcliff Mind Map

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Heathcliff Mind Map
  1. "solitary neighbour"
    1. "gipsy brat"
      1. "gipsy"
        1. "villain"
          1. "servant"
            1. "hellish villain"
              1. "you are so dirty"
                1. "black villain"
                  1. "dirty, ragged, black-haired child"
                    1. "fierce, pitiless, wolfish man"
                      1. "dark-skinned gypsy"
                        1. "evil beast"
                          1. "strange acquisition"
                            1. "sullen patient child; hardened perhaps"
                              1. "goblin"
                                1. "bird of bad omen"
                                  1. "made myself worse than the devil"
                                    1. "tall, athletic, well-formed man"
                                      1. "miserable"
                                        1. "dirty boy"
                                          1. "wicked boy"
                                            1. "lonely, like the devil"
                                              1. "American or Spanish castaway"
                                                1. "brute of a lad"
                                                  1. "worse than a brute"
                                                  2. "naughty swearing boy"
                                                    1. "vagabond"
                                                      1. "handsome"
                                                        1. "incarnate goblin"
                                                          1. "unreclaimed creature"
                                                            1. "resembles the eternal rocks beneath"
                                                              1. "more myself than I am"
                                                              2. "physical and moral beauty"
                                                                1. "eyes full of black fire"
                                                                  1. "Is he a ghoul, or a vampire?"
                                                                    1. "you're a cruel man, but you're not a fiend"
                                                                      1. "devil"
                                                                        1. "vulgar young ruffian"
                                                                          1. "Is Mr Heathcliff a man? If so, is he mad? And if not, is he a devil?"
                                                                            1. "I was the devil himself"
                                                                              1. "lying fiend, a monster and not a human being"
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