Donne critics & contexts

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Donne critics & contexts
  1. Contemporary critics
    1. John Dryden
      1. "perplexes the mind of the fair sex with nice speculations of philosophy ... when he should ... entertain them with the softness of love"
      2. Ben Johnson
        1. "for not being understood would perish"
        2. Samuel Johnson
          1. "heterogeneous ideas ... yoked by violence together"
        3. 19th century critics
          1. Henry Hallam
            1. "the conceits have not even the merit of being intelligible"
            2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
              1. "where the writer thinks, and expects the reader to do so"
            3. 20th century critics
              1. C S Lewis
                1. "Its complexity is all on the surface"
              2. Donne's religion
                1. John Carey
                  1. "perpetual worry about fidelity and falseness"
                    1. Someone who has changed loyalties becomes nervous of the capacity of other people to change their minds.
                  2. Clergyman who attempted to strike a balance between his Catholic heritage and reformers
                    1. Catholic imagery in 'The Canonisation'
                      1. Endorsing a Catholic understanding of the world
                    2. Politics and kingship
                      1. 'Divine Right of Kings'
                        1. Chain of being and the natural order
                          1. Undermined by political thinkers such as Machiavelli in 'The Prince'
                            1. Threatened by emergence of Capitalism
                          2. Discovery of new worlds and maps
                            1. Elizabethan voyages of dicovery
                              1. Christopher Columbus
                            2. War
                              1. Spanish Armada 1588
                                1. Was a permanent background threat to everyday life
                                2. Petrarch
                                  1. Italian love poet who established several conventions for Elizabethan love poetry whom Donne's poetry challenges
                                    1. Non-romantic imagery in 'The Flea'
                                      1. Removed from the remote, chaste heroine of courtly love
                                    2. Death
                                      1. Elizabethan age obsessed with death
                                        1. Pervades much of Donne's work
                                      2. Capitalism
                                        1. Seen as first true Capitalist age
                                          1. Cardinal Wolsey, son of a butcher who rose to an extremely influential position
                                            1. Formation of the East India Company in 1600
                                          2. Readership
                                            1. Strong oral tradition in literature
                                              1. Addressed to an exclusive private audience
                                                1. Trusted readers
                                                  1. His lover
                                                    1. Other respected poets
                                                      1. Valued patrons
                                                        1. Close friends
                                                          1. Male wits
                                                            1. God
                                                            2. Plays and printed books were subject to censorship
                                                              1. Donne could only write openly about sex, morality, religion and politics by limiting exposure of his work
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